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After receiving an excellent public education in Maryland, I earned my BA in Mathematics and Economics from McDaniel College and my MA and PhD in Economics from the University of Washington, specializing in education policy. Upon graduation, I pursued my dream of teaching as an Assistant Professor at Eckerd College in Florida. My wife and I made the decision in 2012 to move back west to Bainbridge Island to raise our family. I spent several years as the Utilities Economist for King County Wastewater Treatment Division before shifting gears and working as a Data Scientist for AOL Platforms and iSpot.tv.


As a parent, educator, education researcher, and community member, I am excited to run for the Bainbridge Island School Board. I am running out of a sense of civic duty to further improve this great community. Both of my children have bilateral moderate hearing loss and use hearing aids. I want to be an advocate to ensure all our students continue to have equal opportunity to learn and succeed, regardless of circumstance.

I have worked in education at the post-secondary level in one way or another over the past fifteen years and spent quite a few of those years researching education policy from an economics perspective. I researched education policy as a Research Assistant at the Center for Reinventing Public Education, and I wrote my dissertation on student evaluations of teachers and their relationship to learning. When I was a professor, I developed and taught an entire course on education policy at a college without an education department.

As we enter an era of declining enrollment, uncertain funding, and increasing capital costs, I believe I have the qualifications and experiences to guide policy-making in the right direction.

It would be an honor to serve as your school board director.


Ewing is passionate and highly qualified

To the editor:

We are writing to endorse the candidacy of Andrew (Andy) Ewing for Bainbridge Island School Board. Andy has the experience, skills, and most importantly the best interests of our children and teachers in mind when making decisions as a school board director.

Having grown up with a mother and grandmother who were beloved Bainbridge Island teachers, we understand the importance of maintaining the high standards that have stood for generations, and Andy is the perfect candidate to carry the torch.

We have known Andy for many years as our kids have grown up together on the Island. Whether it’s coaching our kids in tee ball or volunteering in the classroom, he has always been willing to devote his time to helping kids grow and learn. He is a great friend, father, and coach.

We have never known anyone as passionate about education. He has been studying and researching education policy for well over a decade, publishing his academic work on student evaluations, and learning and presenting at conferences. He has taught in the classroom as a professor, which included creating a course on education policy. Even after he changed career paths, he still managed to pick up teaching classes whenever he could at the University of Washington’s Evans School and elsewhere.

Andy is also uniquely qualified to steer the district along the right financial path with his economic experience and background in financial planning and budgeting. Andy has a doctorate’s degree in economics, and was the economist for King County Wastewater Treatment responsible for financial planning and forecasting.

We are lucky to have someone in our community who is highly qualified, passionate about improving our children’s futures, and always willing to serve our community. Please join us in voting for Andy Ewing for the school board!


Bainbridge Island